The Difference Between a Pub and a Bar

A pub is the centre of the local community. In addition to being functional as a place to drink, pubs develop a community atmosphere that makes them an excellent place to meet new people. These places are often famous for certain activities or genres of music, quiz nights, or sporting events. If you support a specific team, check out the atmosphere of the pub you’re considering visiting. Likewise, a pub may be the hangout for a certain ethnic group or nationality.

The difference between a pub and a bar lies in the type of drinks that they serve. While a pub may feature food and entertainment options, bars typically have an extensive menu focused on alcohol. A pub usually serves more filling meals than a bar does. A pub is also a great place to meet friends for a night out. The menu at a pub is also bigger than a bar. A pub is in between a bar and a restaurant.

A pub’s name can be a sign of its history. Many traditional names are given to pubs. For instance, in the early 18th century, some pubs had Marquis of Granby names. John Manners was the son of the 3rd Duke of Rutland and provided funds to the village’s taverns. Another historical factor that determined a pub’s name was its age. Older pubs may have exposed beams and walls that were not straight.