The Best Bars in Indonesia

In addition to its diverse cultural and religious communities, Indonesia has a thriving pub and bar scene. While most Indonesian cities have a thriving bar scene, less cosmopolitan areas tend to have fewer bars. In addition to serving a diverse clientele, Indonesian bars generally serve multiple functions, ranging from a restaurant to a Wi-Fi hotspot. At night, many bars turn into nightclubs.

A bar chain in Indonesia recently lost its operating license after officials found that six employees violated blasphemy laws. Several youth organizations reported the management team to the police, and others threatened to raid the bar’s outlets. The restaurant chain apologized for the incident and explained that it had made the mistake to meet its sales targets. However, the company also faced criticism from Indonesia’s hard-line Islamic pressure groups, which staged a protest in front of one of its outlets last week.

There are a few different types of bars in Jakarta, including some that are located in popular shopping malls. One of the most popular venues is the Hard Rock Café outside the Pacific Place mall. Its modern decor and oversized stage make it popular with Indonesians and out-of-town visitors. Mixology is one of the trendiest bars in PIK, which features live music and karaoke. It is not suitable for solo travelers.

Located in Mega Kuningan, EP Bar serves Spanish food with an international flair. It is one of the most visually appealing bars in Jakarta, offering an affordable and fun atmosphere. It also has a live DJ, and is popular with the expatriate crowd. It is part of the Bugil’s Group. There are many other unique bars in Indonesia, but these three are the best for food and entertainment. There are many more in Indonesia, so choose wisely.