How to Find a Bar in Indonesia

A bar in Indonesia is a great place to spend an evening with friends, especially when you’re on holiday. The country is home to a number of pubs with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, as well as international cuisine and live music lounges.

Some of the most famous bars in Jakarta serve alcohol, while others have a variety of other drinks. Some also offer karaoke, while others are open late for dancing and music.

Whether you’re looking for a cool open-air bar with views, a modern cocktail bar or a nightclub with a view of the city skyline, you’ll find a bar in Indonesia that’s right for you.

If you’re looking for a rooftop bar with an incredible view of the Jakarta skyline, then you’ll want to check out Skye. Located at the top of the Artotel in Thamrin, this open-air venue offers stunning views over the city and is perfect for enjoying cocktails while overlooking twinkling lights.

Lucy in the Sky is another cool open-air bar that has recently popped up in Jakarta. With an outdoor area and a chic ambiance, this spot is popular with young locals.

Jaya Pub is a classic Indonesian pub that attracts a mixed crowd of expats and locals on regular nights. It’s a bit more upscale than most Jakarta bars, and it hosts the occasional live band or indie music night.

The process of opening a bar in Indonesia is easy, and the government requires a business license to start one. It usually takes two to three weeks, and once you have it, you’ll need to design a concept and do some research on potential customers.

The Basics of Beer Crafting

Beer crafting involves a simple scientific process and the artistry of using different combinations of grains, hops and yeast to create a multitude of flavors. It’s an easy and rewarding way to have fun at home while learning a new skill.

The first step in the brewing process is mashing, which uses crushed malt to steep in hot water. This produces a sweet syrup called wort. This can be done manually or using a malt extract kit.

Mashing is a very important part of the craft because it allows the brewer to control the amount of sweetness in their beers by controlling the temperature and the release of enzymes in the malt. Mash temperatures can be varied, depending on the style of beer being made.

During mashing, the natural enzymes in the malt break down starches to create fermentable sugars. These sugars are turned into alcohol by the yeast during fermentation. This process can take one to two weeks.

When making beer at home, it’s crucial to thoroughly clean and sanitize your equipment. It’s best to use new food-quality items, such as stainless steel containers and utensils. Old ones can have scratches and odours that can ruin the taste of your beer.

Another important step is choosing the right brewing yeast. There are several kinds of yeast, including ale yeast and lager yeast. Ale yeast tends to be heavier and more full-bodied than lager yeast, which ferments at a cooler temperature.

What Is Pub Review?

Pub review is the process by which an author of a manuscript in an academic journal submits it for evaluation by other experts in the same field, to ensure that it meets certain requirements before publication. This is a crucial part of scholarly publishing and enhances the credibility of articles published in the field.

Peer review (also known as refereed article) is an important quality assessment procedure for all scholarly journals. The peer review process aims to evaluate the quality, methodology, validity, use of evidence, and reproducibility of an article submitted for publication.

The reviewer gives feedback to the author, addressing any major or minor issues with the article and recommending how the author should improve it. The author makes the necessary edits to the article and resubmits it for publication.

Many scholarly journals employ a double-blind peer review system, in which the identity of the author and the reviewer is concealed from one another. While this system is not universal, it is gaining widespread adoption in the publishing industry.

Collaborative peer review is another form of peer review that is growing in popularity. Unlike the traditional double-blind peer review, collaborative peer review involves authors and reviewers communicating directly with each other throughout the process of the article’s review. This allows authors to receive feedback from reviewers in real time and mitigates the need for multiple rounds of editing.

Peer review is an essential part of scholarly publishing and is an important component of the research and teaching cycle. It helps authors improve their work, increases the quality of published articles, and raises the level of scholarship in the field. It also provides a record of peer review activity that is valuable for job applications, performance evaluations and funding applications.

What is a Pub?

A pub is a place where people can drink alcoholic beverages, such as beer or wine. They are licensed by the local authorities to sell alcohol, and often have a large bar where drinks can be ordered.

The word “pub” comes from the British term “public house”, and refers to an establishment that has been granted a licence by the local authorities to serve alcoholic beverages for drinking on its premises. The word also has a wider connotation to refer to a variety of other types of public establishments, including bars, nightclubs, and sports stadiums.


The first recorded public houses in Britain were taverns, which served alcoholic drinks and food to travellers. These later became known as inns.

Modern public houses typically sell draught beer and cider and also serve a range of other beverages such as wine, spirits and soft drinks. Some also offer meals and snacks, with so-called gastro-pubs serving dishes in a way that is more akin to a restaurant than to a pub.

In the United Kingdom, the sale of alcoholic beverages is regulated by legislation covering England, Wales and Scotland. The legislation is consolidated in the Licensing Act 2003 and near-identical reforms were introduced in Scotland in 2005. The law aims to prevent the monopolisation of the pub industry by one brewery, with tied houses (pubs owned by a single brewery) required to offer at least one alternative beer, known as a guest beer, from another brewery.

The Basics of Brewing Beer

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. It’s made from water, grain malts (such as barley, wheat, oats and more), hops and yeast. Brewers can add other ingredients to the mix, such as spices, fruits or herbs, during or after fermentation to give a variety of tastes and textures to their beers.

The brewing process includes boiling the wort to get rid of any remaining sugars and enzymes before adding the hops. The hops add bitterness to balance out the sugar from the wort and also act as a natural preservative.

A number of different hops are used to create a variety of flavors in the beer. Some beers have aroma hops, while others have bittering hops.

Yeast is added to the brewed beer to help convert the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide during the primary fermentation phase. The yeast will also change the flavor of the beer.

The beer is then left to mature and expand its flavours and complexity during secondary fermentation. This takes place over several weeks.

There are many types of beer and each type has its own unique taste and texture. This is why it is important to try as many different beers as you can!

The first step is to determine what style of beer you want to enjoy. There are many different styles to choose from, including hoppy IPAs, malty stouts and porters, smooth lagers and crisp wheat beers.

The Best Irish Pubs in America

Irish pubs are a huge part of American culture. They’re a place where you can enjoy a cold beer, lively Celtic music, and a plate of comfort food.

In fact, Forbes reports that there are around 7,000 Irish pubs worldwide, including 4,000 in the United States. These establishments have a reputation for being some of the best pubs in America, so you’re sure to find one to suit your taste.

The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog in New York City is known for its undeniably Irish vibes without going too twee. It also serves up killer cocktails.

McNamara’s Irish Pub and Restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee is a cozy place that’s sure to make you feel right at home. It has bric-a-brac decor and an open fire that creates a relaxed, homely vibe.

A few years ago, Jessica and Danny Barry fell in love with the charming pubs of Ireland and brought that feeling back to their hometown. Their family-owned bar is now a popular hangout for locals.

McGillin’s Olde Ale House in Philadelphia has seen a lot of history, from Abe Lincoln being elected to the pub’s recent hosting of future president Joe Biden on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” The pub has survived two pandemics and a massive fire.

With its incredibly rich history and a steady rotation of Irish troubadours, this is one of the best Irish pubs in the country. It’s been in the same location for over 80 years, and you can always count on a good pint of Guinness at this spot.

Top 5 Bars and Clubs in Jakarta

If you are looking for a night out with friends, Jakarta has something for everyone. The city is full of exciting bars and clubs that will make your evening unforgettable.

The Awan Lounge

If a relaxing bar is what you are after, The Awan Lounge is a great choice. This place features nature-themed furniture and an outdoor patio that will help you to unwind after a long day. The drinks are also very delicious, so you will definitely want to give this place a try!


This trendy bar in Indonesia is a favorite with locals and tourists. Its retro atmosphere is perfect for a night out with friends.

It is located at Plaza Indonesia and provides amazing views of the city. It is also known for its cocktails and loud music.

Cloud Lounge

This famous bar in Jakarta has stunning views of the city. Its cocktails are made by world-class mixologists.

The Cloud Lounge is located on the 49th floor of Plaza Tower and offers uninterrupted views of Jakarta’s busy streets and sparkling city lights. The restaurant serves a range of cocktails to suit all tastes and budgets, including cocktails with a twist.


If you’re looking for a place to hang out with your friends, Greyhound is the best place. It is a part of the Arena group (Seribu Rasa, Penang Bistro, Hacienda) and offers fusion food and drinks.


This restaurant/cafe is a popular hangout spot with a wide range of customers, from office workers to socialites. It’s a good place to have a drink after work or a first date, but you should book in advance.

Four Ingredients for Craft Beer Crafting

Craft beer crafting is a very old art, dating back to the ancient ages. While the art of brewing is complicated and has many levels of nuances, it all comes down to four ingredients: water, malt, yeast and hops.

Wort: The first step of the brewing process is to combine hot water with crack malt and other grains, creating a liquid called wort. This is the base of the brew, and the sugars from the grains will be converted into alcohol in the fermenting process.

Yeast: The yeast in the wort is what makes the beer into alcohol and is responsible for all those bubbles you see when you pour a glass of your homemade brew. The yeast eats the sugar in the wort, producing alcohol as it goes.

Fermented Sugar: Another important ingredient is fermented sugar which is a mixture of malted barley and other grains. This sugar is the nutrient that the yeast needs in order to grow and become the beer you’re about to drink.

Water: The quality of your water will play a major role in the taste of your finished beer. Try using a quality bottled water or boiling your tap water for a few minutes before adding to your brew to evaporate chlorine and other chemicals that might interfere with the brewing process.

Sanitization: The first thing you need to do is sanitize all of your equipment. This can be as simple as rinsing out your equipment with bleach, or as elaborate as using a food-grade cleanser and sanitizer like One Step No-Rinse Sanitizer or BTF Iodophor.

How to Write a Pub Review

Pub review is an important part of the publishing process. It provides valuable feedback to authors, which can be used to improve their work.

Writing a pub review requires a critical approach and the ability to offer constructive criticism. It is also necessary to read the article thoroughly so that you have a clear understanding of its content.

A good pub review is based on a thorough understanding of the article and the author’s arguments and findings. It also includes a critical evaluation of the author’s methodology and any biases that may have affected their results.

Before beginning your review, identify the article / book by its author and title. It is also a good idea to mention the year of publication and any other details that seem relevant to your analysis.

When you have identified the main themes and argument of the article / book, write a short summary of these in your own words. This section should not take up more than a third of the overall length of your review and can serve as a useful ‘take-home message’ for the editor.

Be careful to state the limitations of your review and suggest areas where further research is needed. This will help you to avoid recommending rejection of the article / book and will also help the author to improve their work.

What is a Pub?

A pub is a place where people can have alcoholic drinks and talk to other people. They can also buy food and drink from the pub’s bar or kitchen.

A Pub versus a Bar

There are many types of pub, but a popular one has good beer and wine choices, good food and an ambient atmosphere. They are usually quieter than a typical bar and tend to be more socially relaxed.

Some pubs serve food and offer special events such as karaoke nights or pub quizzes. Others provide a wide range of different alcoholic drinks, including lager and whiskey.

They are often run by large companies, such as a chain of pubs or a pub-restaurant. A company will have several pubs aimed at specific groups, such as office-workers, businessmen, passing tourists or young people out for a night on the town.

These pubs often have large screens to show football matches, karaoke or fruit machines (slots), music and trendy lighting. They also have a range of other entertainment, from tournaments of games such as shove ha’penny or bat and trap to live sports broadcasts.

The decline of the pub

Britain has lost 25% of its pubs over the past 20 years. The loss of a pub is a significant cultural loss. It’s estimated that, in some areas, the loss of a pub is equivalent to the closure of a library or post office.