The Basics of Beer

Beer is a type of alcoholic drink that is usually made from malted grains and hops. However, it is also a carbonated soft drink. Beer flavors can also come from plant parts. Some popular types of beer include Bud Light, Corona, and Coors. Depending on the style, a particular type of beer can have a thicker or thinner body. To create the right taste and mouthfeel, a beer may be light, medium, or heavy in body.

Alcohol in beer is a by-product of the fermentation process of sugars in the wort. The amount of alcohol will vary depending on the type of yeast used and the quantity of fermentable sugars in the wort. In some cases, beer makers will add enzymes to the wort in order to increase the alcohol content. However, alcohol is a by-product of yeast metabolism, and higher concentrations are toxic to the yeast. Most brewing yeast cannot survive alcohol concentrations above 12% by volume.

Beers range in color from amber to brown. They may be flavored with citrus, nut, or chocolate, depending on the type of malt used and the country of origin. Pale ales, meanwhile, are a traditional English beer that have a copper color and a fruity aroma. These are strong enough to go well with spicy foods. American pale ales are generally hopped more, containing more two row malt. In addition to the traditional pale ales, there are also wheat-style ales.