The Best Bars in Indonesia

Despite being predominantly Muslim, Indonesia has a thriving pub culture. In Jakarta, the capital, you can find many pubs that are also social centers and Wi-Fi hotspots. And once the sun sets, many bars turn into nightclubs. While you can find drinks and food at a bar anywhere, you shouldn’t drink too much. But if you do get the urge to drink, there are several places to enjoy it in the country.

There are a few things you need to know before you go to a bar in Indonesia. For starters, the word for “bar” in Indonesia is bar. You can find a list of other Indonesian words for bar here. In addition to knowing the proper way to say “bar,” you should also know how to order drinks. And don’t forget to take along some cash. The locals like it when you tip them!

If you’re into cocktails and craft beer, you can’t go wrong with Union, a popular Jakarta cocktail lounge. Founded by mixologist Kiki Moka, the restaurant has become a hit with Jakarta residents. Loewy in Kuningan is often credited with bringing craft cocktail culture to the capital, but both are part of The Union Group. And since the bar is located near Loewy, you can get a drink in front of a poolside.

The elusive ingredients Chartreuse, Peychaud’s Bitters, and Dom Benedictine haven’t been officially imported into Indonesia until recently, but there are a few bars that have managed to source them. Some even have their own versions of these liqueurs. The food here is also excellent. The drinks are reasonably priced for the standards of Indonesian bars. You can even enjoy a delicious cocktail after a long day at work.