How to Write a Pub Review

If you like reading and writing about food, then a pub review might be the perfect fit. A pub review is a way for you to tell others about your recent experience at a new local pub. Before you begin, consider the style of pub you’re evaluating. For example, if you love Irish beer, you may want to check out a traditional Irish pub. To get an idea of what to write about, read sample reviews.

Pubs have two main types of patrons: those with a car and people who don’t want to drink alcohol. Regardless of their status, pubs serve food and alcohol, while acting as a community gathering spot. The term pub comes from the 1859 definition of public house, which defined it as “any building open to the public, including an inn.” It has stayed the same in the UK and is a synonym for tavern. In the US, a pub served hard liquor, and a high counter.