The Best Bars in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the term “bar” has different meanings for different people. To make your bar experience in Indonesia more authentic, learn the local language and learn how to say “bar” and “drink.” Also, don’t forget to bring cash with you, since the locals are known for tipping. You can also ask if the place allows alcohol, if so, they may be able to give you some. In case you are wondering what the locals drink, it depends on what kind of drinks they serve.

A classic drink in Indonesia has a deep south theme, and this is no exception in Jakarta. Located on top of a skyscraper, the view from the rooftop of the Plaza Indonesia building is spectacular. The view from here is a treat in itself, as you can see the whole of Jakarta, including the SKYE tower. Although this bar is now popular with tourists, its former reputation has made it a popular hangout, with prices increasing 30% in the last year alone. A lesser-known bar in Jakarta that has retained its charm is the original speakeasy. It has a secret entrance and features live jazz every night.

The interior of a fine bar should be a blend of modern and classic design. While you may find a traditional design in a traditional Indonesian pub, a contemporary interior will be much more appealing. Wood and marble are used to create the atmosphere, but there is a contemporary touch to the place. The bar’s sound system and lighting effects are outstanding. It serves as both a chill lounge and a party venue until the early morning hours.