How to Write a Pub Review

Having read the various reviews posted on TripAdvisor, I’ve decided to write one myself. I’m an avid reader, so I was curious about what other people thought about my choice of pubs. So I researched and wrote one, which I think is both interesting and helpful. But what about the negative comments? Did they actually affect the business? Here are some tips. Firstly, be sure to respond promptly to negative comments and thank the customer for the feedback. Second, highlight the good points of the establishment.

Third, you should decide what type of pub you want to write. A traditional English pub is a very different animal than a traditional Irish pub, for example. Try filling out as many boxes as you can. You can check out samples of other people’s reviews to see if you’ll be able to write a compelling review. Regardless of the style of pub, I would recommend looking up sample reviews online so you’ll know what to include in your own.

Last, if you’re looking for sophistication, head to the West 4th/Jane pub in Santa Monica. The atmosphere at this new bar is a mix of the bar world and the lounge scene. It features an art exhibit every month and games like Ms. Pacman and Connect Four. I was disappointed that the prices were so high, but it was a good experience all around. I’d recommend this pub to my friends.