Where to Find a Bar in Indonesia

There are many options when looking for a good bar in Indonesia. There are several restaurants that offer international cuisine that are well worth a visit. Try the Penang Bistro or the Seribu Rasa for a more sophisticated atmosphere. Several bars in Jakarta offer live music, too. You can even have a romantic date in the lounge of one of these establishments. However, if you’re looking for a casual place to hang out with your partner, consider a more laidback place.

In Jakarta, you can find several pubs that have become social hubs and Wi-Fi hotspots. Some of these places transform into nightclubs when the sun goes down. However, it’s still a good idea to drink responsibly. It’s not a good idea to drink too much alcohol when visiting Indonesia. The drink-friendly culture of Jakarta has made it easy for tourists to enjoy a great night out with locals.

If you’re looking for a sexy night out, head to the city’s backpacker district, Jalan Jaksa. You’ll find plenty of cheap and cheerful bars here. However, it’s important to note that Jakarta’s red-light scene is largely overrated, but it’s a covert one. Check-me-out venues are a common sight in Jakarta. They are geared toward young, lithe types and have a very transient crowd. Many of these places rebrand every six months to keep up with the influx of tourists.

In addition to the wide variety of drinks, you can also find many rare ingredients. Some of these ingredients are hard to come by in Indonesia, but a few bars have been able to procure them. Some even make their own versions. As an added bonus, the food is generally good and the drinks are well-priced. After a long day at work, you’ll want to unwind in a bar in Indonesia to a great degree.