The Different Types of Pubs

There are many different types of pubs. Some are privately owned, freehouses, and even breweries. The term pub is an abbreviation for “Public House,” and they have been around since the bronze age. British people have long enjoyed drinking beer at pubs, and traditional English ale is made from fermented malt. Before the invention of alcohol in the US, pubs served beer and local distilled spirits. They were also a popular meeting place for members of the local community.

Although pubs are much more traditional than their more modern cousins, they still have some traditional names. Pubs that were granted a licence in 1780 were called “Royal George” after King George III. In the parkend neighborhood of London, the Royal George was the name of the local pub. Regardless of their name, they are all still very much alive, and many of the unique features of the English pub are still present today.

Many people confuse a bar and a pub. The term “pub” originally meant any establishment where alcoholic beverages were sold or served. Today, pubs are considered local hangouts, and are just as important to the community as the church. If you visit a pub, you will want to get some good grub and enjoy a night out with friends. You can also find beer and wine in a pub. No matter what type of pub you are looking for, you will find it in a local area.