Best Pub in USA

Visiting the best pub in the USA is more than just about drinking. A visit to a historic landmark offers a unique perspective. Best American pubs offer a variety of drinks, a classic bar atmosphere, and a history that’s as rich as the country itself. They are located in virtually any part of the country, from up-and-coming lounges to traditional watering holes. Read on for the top 25 bars in America.

In the Boston area, the McSorley Saloon evokes a bygone era when Irish workingmen gathered and shared their tales. Opened in 1905, the pub experimented with selling hard liquor before eventually discontinuing it. These days, it’s a popular destination for tourists, who come for its ambiance, polka-themed d├ęcor, and Midwestern niceness. Although it doesn’t serve world-class cocktails, the McSorley Saloon is still one of the best brewpubs in the country.