How to Open a Bar in Indonesia

If you’ve ever wanted to own a bar, it can be difficult to know how to go about it. Fortunately, Indonesian law makes it surprisingly easy to open a bar. In order to open a bar, you must acquire the proper business licenses and permits. In Indonesia, special permits are required for alcohol businesses. The good news is that alcohol permits are easy to get, and the process only takes a few days or weeks. In addition, you can collaborate with other businesses in the area, like food suppliers, to ensure a successful establishment.

While it may be hard to find an alcohol-only bar in Jakarta, a few noteworthy spots are worth seeking out. While alcohol-only bars are rare, most Indonesian establishments are multi-purpose, catering to a wide variety of clientele. Most bars are not alcohol-only, and instead are part-restaurant, social-center, and Wi-Fi hotspot. As the hours creep in, however, many of them turn into nightclubs.

The Jakarta bar scene is alive and well, and although foreigners used to be the majority of visitors to Indonesian bars, middle-class Indonesians are now becoming frequent visitors. Some bars even offer wine-culture courses, helping their patrons find the right bottle to drink. In spite of this trend, alcohol consumption in Indonesia is still relatively low – each Indonesian consumes less than 0.9 liters of alcohol a year. It is still best to consult with a medical professional before drinking alcohol while traveling to the country.