Indonesian Bars

Although Indonesia is predominantly Muslim, there is a vibrant bar scene. While Jakarta’s bar scene is more international, less metropolitan areas have far fewer options. Although the country is not yet considered high-drinking, it is still a popular place to socialize. There are many mosques and ‘warungs,’ which are street stalls used as social gathering places. These establishments have become popular places for young Indonesians to spend time and bond.

The Cocktail Club is a recent opening, situated above a trendy Ubud restaurant. It features unique and delicious drinks created with local ingredients. Cocktail menu includes Batavia Milk Punch and cap tikus, a drink made from palm tree sap. Other drinks include oolong tea, spiced rum, and pineapple. A Sopi Susu cocktail is another specialty on the menu. Live music is a feature of the night, and the restaurant also serves food.

The bar has faced criticism for its promotion of Islam and its symbols. A recent advertisement for the bar featured two patrons who are named Maria and Muhammad. Islamic law prohibits alcohol, but the bar’s promotions do not break this ban. This promotion has sparked protests from conservative Muslims, who are upset about the promotion of their beliefs. In the end, the bar issued an apology. While the promotion was deemed offensive, the bar’s management claimed that they were unaware of the law and had no intention of violating its terms.

In Jakarta, you can visit Dragonfly Café. This restaurant is visually stunning, and serves as a lively and energetic bar. The interior design of Loewy Café is reminiscent of New York City, but with a modern twist. The restaurant features a sleek, white and textured design that evokes a classic retro style. Its high-tech lighting system, sound system, and ample design create a cozy ambiance for the late night party scene.