Alcohol-Only Bars in Indonesia

There are plenty of places in Indonesia to try alcohol, but a dedicated alcohol-only bar is uncommon. Most bars are multi-purpose establishments, with several functions and diverse clientele. In major cities, alcohol-only bars are rare, while most are also a mix of a restaurant, social venue, and Wi-Fi hotspot. When the evenings creep in, these establishments become nightclubs. A few of the most popular options for alcohol in Indonesia are listed below.

A popular Jakarta bar is Buddha Bar. Named after the Buddhist religion, this bar became synonymous with the Buddha religion. The Buddha symbol became so popular that it was used as a slogan for the bar. In addition to offering free drinks, the bar encouraged Muslim patrons to visit the premises, promoting gin to them as an alternative to alcohol. The bar’s owner later apologized, claiming it had not known it would cause offence.

Tipping is customary and appreciated in Indonesia. The amount of tip varies, depending on the service, the location, and the type of service. As a general rule, tipping should be between ten and twenty percent of the total bill. It’s best to tip in local currency when possible. Purchasing a Wise travel money card can help you save money by allowing you to tip in local currency. The tips you leave at the bar are shared with the kitchen staff, so it’s recommended to leave at least 10 percent of your bill.