The Best Pubs in Indonesia

The Indonesian pub scene is quite diverse. You’ll find pubs with international cuisine and sophisticated atmospheres in major cities such as Jakarta. Many bars also offer live music, which makes them a great place for romantic date nights. Other more laid back bars have more casual settings that are more suitable for hanging out with friends.

The bar chain Holywings was investigated by Indonesian authorities after complaints from religious groups. Some of the employees of the bar chain have been accused of blasphemy. Those charged face up to five years in jail. They also face the blasphemy provision of the country’s internet law, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years.

Potato Head is another fun place to try a cocktail or two. Its owner, Dre Masso, has created some crazy cocktails and serves finger-licking snacks. Located in the trendy Kemang district, this bar attracts large and young crowds. Guests can also enjoy live music and discounted drinks.

Located above a bistro, The Cocktail Club in Jakarta has a tantalising cocktail menu that features local ingredients and introduces new flavour combinations to the country. Some of the cocktails on the menu include the Batavia Milk Punch and the cap tikus, a local liquor made from the sap of the palm tree. You’ll also find chocolate and spiced rum cocktails as well as cacao cream.