How to Open a Bar in Indonesia

Indonesia has a diverse culture and there are a wide variety of places to have a drink in a bar. Although there are fewer pubs than in Bangkok or Paris, there are plenty of places to spend an evening in Indonesia. Many bars serve alcohol, and many have live music. Some bars also have pool tables. The ambiance of these bars is friendly, and you are likely to meet a mix of locals and visitors.

In Jakarta, The Cocktail Club opened in 2021, above a bistro. The experienced bartending team here has crafted a tantalising cocktail menu that highlights local ingredients and introduces new flavour combinations. Highlights include the Batavia Milk Punch and cap tikus, a palm tree sap distilled into a liquor. Other cocktails on the menu include chocolate gin, spiced rum, and strawberry. The venue also offers seasonal promos and affordable prices.

The process of opening a bar in Indonesia can be quite simple. First, you need to apply for a business license. The government requires a special permit to operate an alcohol business, but the process usually takes about two to three weeks. In addition, you need to develop an original concept and research the demographics of your potential customers. Once you have a concept in place, you can begin planning your finances.

The Indonesian authorities are currently investigating a popular bar chain that has promoted free alcohol. The bar chain, Holywings, offered a free bottle of gin to patrons named Muhammad or Maria. Critics say this move was politically motivated and undermines Indonesia’s reputation as a country of tolerance.