The Difference Between a Pub and a Bar

A pub is the community centre of a town or village, and is a great place to meet people and hang out. Many pubs have regular live music nights and sports fixtures shown on big screens. Others may offer food or serve evening meals, depending on the style of the pub. A pub’s age can dictate its style, with older pubs often having exposed beams and open fires.

You can order a pint of beer in a pub. This is generally cheaper than the same beer served in a bottle. Hundreds of different beers are offered at pubs. A typical pub will have 20 or more different beers on tap. Most pubs will also have other beverages, such as wine and cider.

Another difference between a pub and a bar is the types of people who frequent it. A bar can be more focused on targeting a particular demographic or community, whereas a pub is open to everyone. In addition, pubs tend to be more relaxed and have a more social atmosphere. In a pub, the people who visit are not necessarily looking for a night of karaoke.

Some pubs still carry the name of a saloon. In the U.S., the minimum age for entering a bar is 21 years old, though in some countries the age may be different. There are also certain laws in place that restrict pub hours. For instance, in New York City, a bar can remain open until 4am, and in Connecticut until 2am. This is a significant difference compared to a pub, which typically opens at midnight.