Where to Find a Bar in Indonesia

A bar in Indonesia is an essential part of the local life and it’s also a great place to meet with friends. Jakarta is one of the most lively cities in Asia, and it never stops bustling with activities. The best time to enjoy this city is during the evening, when there are plenty of places to go.

There are many bars in Indonesia to choose from, ranging from 5-star hotel bars to low-key pubs. The bar scene in Jakarta is diverse and constantly changing, with many pubs promoting conversation among strangers while others are more relaxed and homey.

Some are quite expensive and the social scene is dominated by couples. Other bars have a more sexy atmosphere and are suitable for younger visitors.

Bars in Indonesia can be very different depending on where you go, so it is always a good idea to do some research before going out. There are bars for every occasion and budget, so it is worth trying something new to get a unique experience.

The cocktail scene in Jakarta is booming, with new bars opening all the time and already making their mark on Asia’s 50 Best Bars list. Located on the first floor above a bistro in Senopati, the newest addition to the cocktail scene is The Cocktail Club and it has quickly become one of the most popular spots in the city.

This is a great choice for those who are looking for a Japanese-inspired bar with world-class cocktails. Head bartender Yutaka Nakashima has curated the menu here, with classics like the Batavia Milk Punch made from cap tikus and fortified marshmallow, plus bespoke cocktails such as the Sopi Susu – a blend of fortified marshmallow, gin, and cacao cream.