What is a Pub?

A pub is a place where people can have alcoholic drinks and talk to other people. They can also buy food and drink from the pub’s bar or kitchen.

A Pub versus a Bar

There are many types of pub, but a popular one has good beer and wine choices, good food and an ambient atmosphere. They are usually quieter than a typical bar and tend to be more socially relaxed.

Some pubs serve food and offer special events such as karaoke nights or pub quizzes. Others provide a wide range of different alcoholic drinks, including lager and whiskey.

They are often run by large companies, such as a chain of pubs or a pub-restaurant. A company will have several pubs aimed at specific groups, such as office-workers, businessmen, passing tourists or young people out for a night on the town.

These pubs often have large screens to show football matches, karaoke or fruit machines (slots), music and trendy lighting. They also have a range of other entertainment, from tournaments of games such as shove ha’penny or bat and trap to live sports broadcasts.

The decline of the pub

Britain has lost 25% of its pubs over the past 20 years. The loss of a pub is a significant cultural loss. It’s estimated that, in some areas, the loss of a pub is equivalent to the closure of a library or post office.