Top 10 Best Pubs in the USA

From taverns and lounges to famous watering holes and pubs, the USA is home to plenty of great drinking establishments. But which ones are worth a visit?

Top 10 Best Pubs in the USA

The country is filled with bars and taverns that serve delicious drinks, good food, and a welcoming atmosphere. Some of these places have become legendary, but others are hidden gems that may not be as well known.

New York City is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country, but it also has an excellent pub scene. Whether you’re looking for a cosy spot to relax with a drink or a place to dance the night away, there’s something for everyone.

Chicago is known for its beer, but the city has many other brewpubs and pubs that pair the beverage with excellent food. The Publican, in particular, serves up a hearty menu of traditional European peasant dishes with an impressively accomplished beer list.

Philadelphia is an old city with a vibrant pub scene, but there are plenty of newer places as well. The Standard Tap, for example, is a small and cozy bar with a great selection of beers.

Boston isn’t usually thought of as a brewing city, but it has plenty of craft beers and a pub scene that rivals some of its bigger competitors. The Lion’s Share has a wide range of brews on tap, as well as a thoughtful and game-heavy menu that pairs the beer with tasty bar food.