What is a Pub?

A pub is a public house that sells alcoholic beverages, usually beer. The drinks are primarily draught beer and cider, but most also have wine, spirits and soft drinks.


Many pubs serve meals, often at the bar, although some are classified as gastropubs and serve foods that are akin to a restaurant. A gastropub serves high-quality food that can be expensive, so it is more likely to attract upscale customers than a general pub.

Pub hours

A public house typically opens around midday and closes late at night. The exact hours vary by location, but many will open early to get the breakfast crowd and stay open late to get the after-dinner crowd.


A lock-in is a private party at a pub, generally by invitation only, where people continue to drink and socialize after the official pub hours. It can be a fun way to celebrate a special occasion or just to hang out with friends.

Premises licence

A premises licence is an important legal document that is issued to the pub owner or licensee, and it must be in good standing. The owner can be a person, an organisation, or a corporation.

Pub culture

A pub is a place that is known for its traditional characteristics, including the stickiness of the tabletops, the landlord’s tales and suspicious stains on the floor. It is a place for socializing, sharing stories and catching up with friends.

A good pub should be a place where you can escape the cacophony of the outside world, where you can be alone with your thoughts and be comforted by a glass of beer. The best pubs are those that have meaning to the communities in which they are located, and where the locals love going.