Time Out Pub Review

A pub is a place where patrons can have food and drinks while socializing with others. Some may feature entertainment like live music or special events. Pubs can be family-friendly, with menu items including burgers, fish, pizza, and barbequed meat. Many are chain locations but some are independent, which gives them more upscale appearances and greater control over their decoration and drinks. Some pubs even brew their own beer to help cut costs and control quality.

While bars may have some food, they focus on alcoholic beverages and are typically age-restricted. They serve higher-priced liquor than pubs, and many offer a more varied selection of beer and wine. Some bars specialize in a particular theme, such as sports, or cater to a particular demographic, such as gay bars or biker bars. Some bars have dance areas with loud music, while others keep it low-key to allow patrons to talk with each other without shouting.

To be considered a great pub, it needs to offer an excellent mix of drinks, atmosphere, and experience. The best pubs offer something that appeals to a wide range of drinkers, from traditional, hearty ales to sophisticated cocktails. Time Out’s picks include the cosy, historic pubs of Britain’s drinking heritage and newer haunts that mix cutting-edge drinks. The best pubs have an entertaining name and a welcoming feel that makes you feel at home.