How to Write a Pub Review

A pub review is a great way to support local hospitality businesses and shout about the best dishes, drinks, and atmosphere. But not all reviews are created equal, and some tips can help you craft a review that will engage readers, appease search engines, and have more impact.

When writing a pub review, be specific about your experience and include all the relevant details. Write a brief introduction, then tell your story: what the restaurant served, how it tasted, and whether the service was attentive. Include all the elements that made it a good (or bad) experience, and be sure to mention any issues that were brought to the attention of staff.

Pubs often offer a wide variety of foods, including sandwiches, pizza, burgers, and barbequed meat. Most are also able to serve wine and cocktails. They may be part of a larger chain or operate independently. Most are family-friendly, while upscale pubs often attract an older crowd.

Bars are more centered on alcoholic beverages, and serve much less food than pubs. They often focus on a particular theme and may host live entertainment, such as music or dance performances. Many bars are age-restricted.

Unlike pubs, which are often chain locations, many bars are independent locations that may brew their own beer to control costs and add value. They are also able to stock a wide range of alcohols, and price each drink individually so that they can turn a profit from sales. This means they are able to sell higher-priced beverages, such as rare wines.