How to Write a Pub Review

Whether it’s an age-old pub with a drinking heritage or a spanking-new bar mixing cutting-edge cocktails, the best places in town combine brilliant drinks with great atmosphere and excellent experience. They make their customers feel like locals. Some are cozy, some are big and breezy, but they all have one thing in common: brilliant beverages.

Avoid superlatives, such as “the best” and “the worst.” Instead, write a mixture of pros and cons to allow your audience to make their own decision.

Include a brief description of what you saw when you entered the restaurant. Was it crowded and loud, or quiet and elegant? Did you see large groups of people laughing and chatting or couples enjoying a romantic evening? You might want to mention if the service was friendly or rude, as well.

When you order, ask your server for recommendations and note how the food is presented. Is it served in a beautiful, artistic manner, or is it served haphazardly on a dirty plate? These details might seem insignificant to you, but they can help someone decide where to go for dinner.

Be sure to include the essential details in your review, such as the average cost of a meal and how much advance notice is needed for reservations. You might also mention if parking is available nearby, and how convenient the location is for you. Usually, these important facts are included at the end of your review, but they can also be worked into the first paragraphs, as well.