Best Pub in USA

We love a good pub, whether we’re in the mood for a cold brew or a hearty plate of fish and chips. Those with a taste for tradition will want to check out these best pubs in the USA, from New York City’s Double Chicken Please that boasts leather furnishing and a massive seventy nine-foot wooden bar to Philadelphia’s McGillin’s Ale House founded in 1860 and known for its famous tavern philosophy: “Good ale, raw onions, and no ladies.”

The crowdsourced review site Yelp has compiled a list of the top bars across the country based on things like average annual visitor counts and total volume of reviews. To narrow the search, only businesses rated 4.5 and above were considered for the rankings. It was also important that there were two spots per metro in the list to ensure geographic diversity.

New York City has four spots on the list, with Caffe Dante taking first place and Attaboy landing at number 12. Other Big Apple winners include the Lower East Side’s Eat My Pasty (which has a menu dedicated to U.K. grub) and Heinold’s First and Last Chance, a tavern built from the guts of a whaling ship in Oakland.

Outside of the Big Apple, Miami’s Cafe La Trova took 21st and Chicago’s Kumiko came in at 25. The full list of the best bars in North America was announced at a live awards ceremony in New York City on Tuesday.