How to Start a Bar in Indonesia

A bar in Indonesia is a place to hang out with friends and enjoy drinks and snacks. There are many bars in Indonesia that offer different types of drinks and atmospheres. Some bars even have live performances. Some bars are open all day while others only operate in the evenings. Some bars are located in the city while others are found in the countryside. There are many things that you should consider if you want to start a bar in Indonesia. For example, you should know the demands and trends around your location so that you can create a bar with a good concept and design. You also need to make a business plan so that you can avoid any mistakes and ensure the success of your bar.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to bars in Jakarta. From swanky rooftop bars with city views to intimate speakeasy-style venues, Jakarta’s bar scene is diverse and vibrant.

Stylish and sophisticated, Nautilus Bar is a secluded enclave in the Four Seasons hotel where patrons can enjoy cocktails and fine spirits amid a seductive backdrop. The bartenders here are experts at crafting bespoke drinks, and you’ll also find an extensive selection of rare and single-malt whiskeys.

The swanky Lucy in the Sky, on the other hand, is the most popular cocktail bar in SCBD, the upscale business district of Jakarta. This top-rated destination is renowned for its stunning skyline views and high-end cocktails. Its sleek design and trendy crowd draw the creme de la creme of Jakarta’s social scene. The bar also has a vodka room where you can try out a variety of vodkas with a twist.