The Best Bars in Indonesia

A bar is a social center where you can have drinks, eat and meet up with friends. The choice of bars in Indonesia varies depending on the city and region you are in. Jakarta has a good selection, while in less metropolitan areas you will find that there are fewer bars available. In these areas locals usually prefer to go to ‘warung’ (street stalls) for drinks and food.

The local beer Bintang is the drink of choice in Indonesia. However, many bars also stock more premium brands like Heineken and Carlsberg as well as a wide range of imported spirits and wines. Some of the best bars in Indonesia also have live music and a dance floor. If you are a music lover then you will enjoy the rock, blues and jazz bars which are popular among Indonesians while other types of music including ‘dangdut’ are popular in some regions.

One of the newest and best bars in Indonesia is Koda, curated by Jakarta’s resident Japanese bartender Yutaka Nakashima. This trendy cocktail bar has a superb list of classic cocktails twisted with local ingredients which won them Siete Misterios’ Best Cocktail Menu award in 2023.

Another excellent bar in Jakarta is Greyhound, part of the Arena group. It is a hip, stylish bar serving Western and Asian cuisine. This is a very popular spot with the middle-class Indonesians who flock to its daily live music and cheap alcohol. It is located in Menteng and is a short walk from Jalan Jaksa, the city’s backpacker strip.