What is a Pub?

A pub is a place to celebrate, commiserate or simply go and meet friends or strangers. It is the heart of a community, a place where all of society is assembled. It is the only truly classless venue; no one can sneer at a pub because it is for everyone. This is why Shakespeare’s Prince Hal goes to the Boar’s Head tavern to meet his future subjects, and this is why many people feel a connection to their local.

Pubs serve a wide range of drinks. They are typically less complicated than bars, focusing on simple beer and spirits like vodka and gin. Their food tends to be more homemade and slower-cooked, with a focus on comfort foods like stews or savory pies rather than snacks or anything we’d really call a full meal. They also often offer more variety of glassware, from China mugs to crown-stamped glasses to lantern tankards.

In addition to alcoholic beverages, pubs may have other entertainment on offer. This might include sports games on the television, poker nights or even live bands. Many pubs also have a function room that can be hired out for wedding receptions, birthday parties or gigs.

In some places, pubs have specific themes such as biker bars or sports bars or they might cater to different groups like gay people or women-only bars. There are even some pubs that specialise in beer from a particular country, region or brewery.