The Best Bars in Jakarta

Getting out and having a drink with friends is one of the best things to do in Jakarta. The city has tons of bars to choose from, each with a different theme and ambiance. Whether you want to enjoy a cocktail at the trendy speakeasy Leon Goldstein, or party on top of the Westin Hotel like in Cloud, there is something for everyone in this capital city.

Aside from serving up delectable dishes and drinks, many bars in Indonesia also double as social centers, Wi-Fi hotspots, or even nightclubs once the wee hours roll in. However, most of the watering holes in Indonesia do not serve alcoholic beverages during Ramadan and other religious holidays.

While some of the most popular bars in Jakarta are hotel-based, there are plenty of independent ones too. For example, you can sip cocktails in the swanky, masculine atmosphere of Nautilus Bar, where booths built within richly accented millwork paneling create a cozy setting to meet up with friends.

The swanky rooftop bars in the city are also very popular with visitors, with each having its own unique setting and ambiance. At yesterday Backyard, for instance, guests can enjoy a good mix of food and drink while listening to live music performances. The bar also serves a wide variety of Italian dishes, although there are still some local and Asian options for those who prefer Eastern cuisines. In addition, the bar also has a variety of cocktail choices that are worth trying out.