How to Write a Pub Review

Whether it’s an age-old drinking institution with real character or a brand new bar mixing cutting-edge cocktails, these spots have something in common: brilliant drinks and a great atmosphere. They’re the places you wish were your local (and maybe that you are, too).

When it comes to writing a review, general statements like “The food was great!” or “The steak sucked” aren’t helpful to a reader, and certainly not to a restaurant owner who wants actionable feedback. Instead, write specifics: Did the pizza have a lot of toppings and a crunchy crust? Was your server friendly and attentive? Did the playlist feature too much Nickelback?

It’s important to encourage reviews, both positive and negative. After all, customer sentiment and opinions can have a huge impact on how visible your pub is to potential customers searching online. And, when customers do leave a review, it’s crucial that you respond, even if only to say that you are happy to see them back in the future. Addressing the reviewer by name also helps to make your response feel more personalized and less robotic.