Top 5 Bars in Jakarta

There are a wide range of bars in Indonesia, catering to all tastes and budgets. From a swanky rooftop cocktail lounge overlooking the cityscape to an elite socialite club spinning the best underground beats, Jakarta offers something for everyone. Choosing the right spot for you depends on your mood and your budget, but rest assured that the frenetic capital will not disappoint.

In the heart of the busy shopping district, this stylish bar is a hit with locals and visitors alike. Its spacious layout and upscale ambience are enhanced by an extensive menu that covers the whole spectrum of international cuisines. The drinks are also well-researched and creatively presented, ranging from classic cocktails to innovative creations.

One of the oldest bars in Jakarta, this is the place to be seen for expats and those wanting to meet other expats. Often called Brotherhood, it is a grill restaurant during the day and a pulsing nightclub by the time the clock strikes midnight. This huge venue is operated by the Bugil’s Group and boasts sister properties in Mega Kuningan, Double Doors and De Hooi – each of which cater to the same crowd and serve up similar food and drink options.

This is the only bar in Indonesia to feature in Asia’s 50 Best Bars, a testament to its winning combination of mixology and dining. It was established by the same team behind Loewy in Kuningan, often credited with bringing craft cocktails to the country’s capital. The design is a mix of Paris bistro and New York loft in the 1940s, accentuated with leather banquet seats and original Thonet chairs – creating a feel that’s both elegant and casual at once.