The Best Pub in USA

As the holiday season approaches, many are looking forward to a hearty Irish meal and a cold pint of Guinness. But the best pub in USA isn’t always found at the big, flashy bars that everyone knows about. Sometimes the smallest pubs can offer the most welcoming atmosphere and intimate entertainment.

For example, Barry’s Old School Irish Pub is a tiny, cozy pub that serves delicious Irish cuisine such as sticky toffee pudding, corned beef Reuben fritters, potato and herb soup, and hot pretzels. It’s also known for a great music lineup, featuring both traditional and rock musicians throughout the various rooms of the pub.

Another unique pub that is worth a visit is the Wooden Pickle Food and Spirits, located in a small brick building. This tavern is considered to be the oldest bar in the state and has a long wooden bar that extends nearly seven feet into the establishment. It also features leather furnishing and dark and green wood decor that gives the place a warm and inviting appearance.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, then you should definitely check out O’Malley’s Pub in Pittsburgh, a one of a kind pub that is tucked away 55 feet underground. It’s accessible by descending ramps and traveling through a series of limestone cellars that date back to the Civil War. The pub also has a great menu that features a wide selection of beer and other beverages.