What is a Pub?

A pub is a building where alcoholic beverages are served and often also food. Pubs may be locally owned and operated by licensed victuallers or part of large chains. Pubs within a chain are usually recognizable by items in common, including layout and decor, promotional campaigns and ambience.

The best pubs are the heart of their communities. They are where people meet to celebrate and commiserate. They are where friends and strangers encounter the warmth of fellow villagers. They are the site of village comedy and tragedy, gossip and tall tales, and a place where a local can go to sit in silence with a pint and think.

In the UK, many pubs are named after a location or historic event or landmark. Many of these are former coaching inns and the name reflects the role of the pub as a stop on the way to or from elsewhere. Many other pubs simply use the word ‘Inn’ in their names to summon up a particular image or feel that it is a useful word to distinguish them from other kinds of establishment.

The best pubs have a wide variety of beverages and good food. They are usually quieter than bars and often have a relaxed atmosphere with enjoyable music. They serve a range of beers, wines and ciders and have food like cheese and chips, sandwiches, and soups. Some pubs have speciality menu items such as fish and chips or pies.