How to Write a Pub Review

Whether you want to know the best bars for cocktails in London or the top places to go for pre-theatre dining in the Cotswolds, Time Out’s expert local writers have your back. Their picks include age-old institutions with a strong drinking heritage, and spanking-new haunts mixing cutting-edge drinks. In each one, you’ll find brilliant beverages, a buzzing atmosphere and a night to remember.

Make a note of the ingredients in each dish you try, and describe how they taste to your reader. You might also want to ask about the origins of particular high-profile foods (such as rare meats and expensive cheeses), or how dishes were prepared. This is helpful information for the readers of your review and helps them decide if a restaurant is right for them.

Don’t overstate the positive aspects of a restaurant. This can sway the reader’s opinion too much and doesn’t give them all of the facts. Similarly, don’t be afraid to highlight the negative points of a restaurant – this will help people avoid going there and will make your review more useful.

Once you’ve written your review, click Create Pub to open it in our collaborative editor. If you’re working with others, use the Members tab to add collaborators to the Pub and assign them different permissions for viewing and editing. When you’re happy with the Pub, deposit it by selecting Publish and Preview Deposit. This will create a public Release of the Pub which other people can cite and find.