How to Write a Pub Review

Whether it’s a restaurant, a book or movie, leaving a stellar online review is an important way to support a business. But what makes a great one? The right structure, the right words and the right details can help ensure that your review is seen by the right people.

If you’re reviewing a book, movie or video game, don’t spend the entire review summarizing the plot — just a few sentences should be enough. Instead, describe the main themes and symbols you noticed. This can give readers a sense of what to expect without giving away any spoilers.

When writing a restaurant review, don’t just describe the food and drinks, but also include the service you received. This could include the ambiance, the wait staff and any other unique aspects of the experience. For example, if the servers were helpful and attentive or if the food was served quickly, this can add to the overall impression of the meal.

Many PubPub communities have a process for collecting and reviewing preprints1. You can create a Collection, customize the display of that Collection and invite Members to view or edit the Collection from the Collection dashboard. PubPub will automatically connect your Pub to the preprint with a Review Connection, and it can deposit that relationship metadata into Crossref. This will allow search engines, preprint aggregation services, and browser extensions to find your reviews. It will also make them more discoverable to other researchers.