Writing a Pub Review

A pub is a type of public house (or, in British English, “public bar”) – an establishment where alcoholic beverages may be consumed. Most famously, it’s a place to drink beer, but it can also serve wine, cider, soft drinks, coffee and tea. Some are dedicated to a single drink, such as a martini or whisky, while others offer a variety of options such as a tapas menu or buffet. Pubs are often located in the heart of cities, but they can also be found in rural areas and even abroad.

The term ‘pub’ dates back to the middle of the 19th Century, when new brewing techniques enabled larger companies to distribute their products to far more people. This led to purpose-built pubs with distinct features such as opulently painted tiling, wood panelling and beautiful hand-painted signs that helped customers (many of whom would have been illiterate) identify their local.

Today, a pub is where people gather to drink beer, wine or whatever they fancy (including soft drinks). It’s a social gathering space that can be loud and noisy, with TV screens showing sports games or other events. A pub can be a place to hang out with friends or meet new ones, and can also be a more formal venue for a date or business meeting.

When writing a pub review, aim for specificity and clarity. General statements like “The food was awesome!!” or “The steak sucked” aren’t very helpful, either for the reader who is trying to decide where to go for dinner or the restaurant owner who is looking for feedback to improve their business.