The Best Pub in USA

When it comes to pubs, America is bursting to the brim with great drinking establishments. But it can be hard to know which ones are worth a visit. We’ve scoured the country in search of the best, most famous and oldest bars to visit. From iconic watering holes to thriving lounges, these 25 pubs will have you feeling like you’re at the heart of the action.

Located in an underground vault 55 feet below the surface, this Irish-themed pub has a unique atmosphere that makes it one of the most popular beer bars in the city. Guests enter through ramps and travel down a series of limestone cellars that predate the Civil War. The space is a cozy, intimate gathering spot that offers an assortment of food and beverages, including many varieties of beer and whiskey.

The McSorley’s is a legendary saloon in New Orleans that has a rich history and is still in operation to this day. The bar is named for a legendary Irish republican and has an impressive drink menu, including a wide selection of beers and whiskeys. The McSorley’s is also famous for being the first place in the nation to feature a traffic light with red at the top and green at the bottom, which came about after local kids got so upset that they broke the lights until it was changed back.

The Burren is a pub that checks all the right boxes—it’s close to Tufts, it has hearty Irish eats and proper pours of Guinness and, most importantly, it was started by a couple of Irish musicians. Whether you’re a die-hard Irish fan or just looking for a good time, this is definitely a place to stop by.