How to Write a Pub Review

A pub is a type of public house (or alehouse) that serves drinks and food. Typically, it is quieter and more intimate than a bar and will serve a range of food such as sandwiches, soups and salads. Many pubs will also offer a wide selection of wines and spirits. Pubs often have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and are a popular meeting place for friends and colleagues. They are also a common setting for many fictional works including novels, films, TV shows and video games. Notable fictional pubs include The Admiral Benbow Inn from the Treasure Island pirate story, The Garrison in the 1920s crime drama Peaky Blinders, Moe’s Tavern from the US sitcom The Simpsons, and the Green Dragon and The Leaky Cauldron from the high fantasy books of The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter respectively.

A number of pubs are owned by large companies called PubCos and may be part of a chain. This allows them to target specific markets and to offer a more standardised menu and experience. However, the PubCos may still operate individual pubs that differ from others in fittings, promotions and ambience. These are known as tied pubs.

The style and theme of a pub should largely reflect its local community. Whether it is a family-friendly local village pub or an upmarket urban wine bar, it is important to know what kind of market the business is targeting and how it is currently performing. Professionals can provide advice and training courses to help ensure a new business starts off on the right footing.