The Best Bars in Indonesia

Indonesia has a wide range of bars and pubs in its metropolitan areas. However, in less-populated parts of the country, bars are fewer and far between. In many rural villages, people tend to socialize at the local warung (street stalls) and mosques. In urban centers, meanwhile, bars are often the focus of evening activity and socializing.

A bar in Indonesia should have a strategic location and good facilities to attract visitors. In addition, it is also important to have an attractive concept and design to attract potential customers. In addition, a bar should have good security to keep the place safe for its customers.

One of the best bars in Indonesia, tucked away in a discreet nook in Gunawarman, this speakeasy cocktail spot has a real passion for creating drinks that light up Instagram feeds. Their locally sourced ingredients and creative cocktails make them a hidden gem among Jakarta’s bar scene.

While many Indonesians are Muslim, the country still has a strong drinking culture, particularly in cities and tourist resorts. Bali, for example, is renowned for its cocktail and jazz clubs. The city’s’sip and savour’ culture has also survived despite the country’s strict blasphemy laws, which have led to arrests of more than 150 people since 1965. The laws are widely seen as politically motivated and have been used to target members of minorities.