How to Organize a Pub Review Collection

A pub review takes a look at the food and drinks served in a restaurant. It might also cover the ambiance, service, and logistics like how much the meal costs or when the restaurant is open. The best pub reviews give both pros and cons of the food and drink, and may include suggestions about what to order or skip.

Restaurants rely on online reviews more than ever before, and good or bad feedback can have a huge impact on customer choice. The good news is that a few well-executed strategies can help restaurants manage these reviews more effectively.

One key is to encourage satisfied customers to post positive reviews, and to respond to negative ones in a way that addresses the customer’s concerns and makes them feel heard. Another is to use automated tools to filter out low-quality or abusive reviews.

A third important strategy is to ensure that people can easily find the right reviews for them. To do this, many communities create Collections to organize submissions. A Collection can be private and restricted, allowing only Community or Collection Members to tag their Pubs with it. Alternatively, it can be public, enabling anyone to visit the Collection and see the Pubs it contains. Depending on your community’s use-case, you can even allow certain collaborators to edit or publish the Collection, without giving them full access to your Community. This allows them to focus on the Collection, but still write meaningful and impactful reviews that can be picked up by aggregators.