What Makes a Pub Great?

Pubs are more than just places to buy alcoholic drinks. They are an integral part of the social fabric that defines society and culture and reflect the tastes, interests and prejudices of the people who use them. There are many different criteria that can be used to determine what makes a good pub and some of these include the following:


A great pub is in a nice location that is easy to get to, offers a grand view or has a nice street appeal. It may also have an outdoor area which is ideal for the summer and can be a warm refuge from a cold winter’s day.

The decor of the pub is an important factor that can contribute to the feel of the establishment. Whether it is traditional dark wood furnishings, dizzying Axminster carpets or park bench style seating and a welcoming log fire, the décor can have an impact on how much people like the pub and whether they are likely to return.

Whether it is a brewery-owned or microbrewery pub, a winery or even a gin bar, a great pub will offer a varied and interesting selection of beverages. Some will only serve their own beers while others will have a mix of local and national brands.

A great pub will have a wide range of foods that are suitable for the drinkers, such as fish and chips, bangers and mash or a Sunday roast. It will be a place where people can meet and catch up with friends. It will have a variety of events such as meat raffles, quiz nights or karaoke and have a warm vibe.