The Best Bars in Indonesia

Despite various hurdles, including high taxes and religious influences, the bar scene in Indonesia continues to flourish. Its most mindful chefs, brewers and bartenders are taking locavore and rustic-luxe to new heights. These bars, located throughout the sprawling archipelago, are worth your awed first-bites and appreciative slurps.

Located in the Sudirman 7.8 building, Koda is an exclusive bar experience curated by Jakarta’s very own Japanese master Yutaka Nakashima. Aside from a well-curated menu featuring classic cocktails twisted with local ingredients, Koda offers guests the opportunity to try their hand at mixing their own bespoke cocktail.

Situated in the secluded nook of Gunawarman, A/A Bar is a hidden gem and one of the city’s most sophisticated speakeasy cocktail bars. The drinks here are infused with herbs, spices and flowers, which evoke a sense of mystery and sophistication. Guests can also enjoy live jazz music as they wind down.

The bar scene in Jakarta is thriving, and some of its most noteworthy establishments have earned recognition by the world’s top ranking lists, including the 50 Best Bars Asia 2023. Among these, Pantja Bar stands out for its innovative and creative cocktails that reflect Indonesian culture and tradition. For instance, the Pantja Bar, which combines gin and black tea, is inspired by the country’s traditional tea-drinking ritual. Moreover, the Nusantara, made with rum and coconut milk, is another notable cocktail on the list.