Interesting Facts About Beer

Beer is the world’s oldest alcoholic drink. It is also the most popular and widely consumed beverage overall. There are about a billion people who regularly drink beer. It is also the third most popular drink in the world. But before we get into all the fascinating facts about beer, we need to understand why it is so popular. And that’s easier to do if we take a closer look at how it’s made. Let’s start with some interesting facts about beer!

Malt is the most important ingredient in beer. It contributes its color, taste, and aroma. The colors of beer are determined by the type of malt that’s used. Light-colored malts produce more alcohol than dark-colored ones. This is because these malts contain special enzymes that convert starch from the grain into sugar. The yeast in beer uses the sugar to ferment the alcohol and carbon dioxide in the beer. If you want to see what all of this means, check out the full article in Wired.

There are several types of alcoholic beverages, but the most traditional are those made from grains. Most of them are malt-based. But, there are many other types of beer. In Africa, there are sorghum-based brews, and African ethnic beers. In Kyrgyzstan, a millet-based beer called Bozo is made. In Sikkim, Bhutan, and Tibet, a semi-fermented rice/millet beverage is called chhaang. It is closely related to Choujiu and Huangjiu.