Best Pub in the USA

Visiting the best pub in the USA isn’t just about drinking. Visiting historic places offers a whole new experience. The best drinks and classic bar atmosphere are just some of the benefits. Discover the best American pubs, from up-and-coming lounges to iconic watering holes. Here are five top destinations for a fun night out. You can find these spots in almost any neighborhood. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can head to one of the many cities in the country with great pubs.

The McSorley Saloon is an old Irish workingmen’s saloon in Boston. It first started serving hard liquor in 1905, but soon discontinued the practice. Now, the pub serves two types of drinks, whiskey and stout. This establishment is among the best brewpubs in the country. In fact, it’s ranked the best pub in the world. Getting there is a fun adventure!

In the south, Doyle’s Cafe is an unpretentious neighborhood pub with Irish vibes. This Georgian establishment has a huge outdoor terrace and an open fire. Locals love the bar’s live music and the Irish menu. Located in Savannah, Georgia, Doyle’s has become a local favorite, despite its unpretentious attitude. Another American pub, Shawn O’Donnell’s American Grill & Irish Pub, features classic Irish decor, a sports bar and an extensive menu of Irish food.