Best Pub in USA

A great American bar is a must-visit stop during your trip, and the best places to find the best ones vary by region. From classic watering holes to up-and-coming lounges, the best places to drink include everything from classic dives to innovative new spots. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorites. Check them out and enjoy the atmosphere and great drinks! We’ve also included a brief description of each one.

Doyle’s Cafe is a neighborhood spot in Savannah, Georgia, with a great outdoor terrace and an open fire. Locals know this spot for its delicious food and friendly atmosphere. Another popular choice is Shawn O’Donnell’s American Grill & Irish Pub in Boston, Massachusetts, which offers an extensive menu and a sports bar. The Irish atmosphere here gives the pub a classic Irish feel. While you’re here, you can enjoy live music and a great atmosphere.

In the Twin Cities, Nye’s Cafe is another must-visit. Formerly known as a polka and piano bar, the old-fashioned place is now a popular tourist spot. The bar’s retro decor and Midwestern niceness make it a great choice for locals and tourists alike. While it doesn’t serve world-class cocktails, Nye’s still has the charm of a midwestern polka bar.