A Guide to a Bar in Indonesia

If you’re a party animal, a trip to a bar in Indonesia is the perfect way to socialize with other travelers. The Indonesian pub scene is thriving, and the country’s capital city, Jakarta, boasts an eclectic mix of foreign and local patrons. Most Indonesian bars serve food and drinks, and some have special ingredients you won’t find anywhere else. Drinks in Indonesia are typically reasonably priced, and food is generally pretty good.

For food, there are several excellent restaurants and bars in Jakarta. One such restaurant is Monty’s, a stylish Scandinavian spot with an international menu that focuses on seafood and meat grill. The restaurant also serves a delicious range of organic, unique, and healthy dishes. The restaurant’s third-floor social lounge features cosy lighting and dim lighting, and it offers live music, including covers of top 40 songs. If you’re visiting the country’s capital, a visit to Monty’s may just be the perfect way to end your day.

Tipping in Indonesia varies according to the place, occasion, and order size. In general, it’s customary to give a higher tip to the bartender or waiter than to the kitchen staff. However, you should always round up the bill to the next significant number, and you can also leave a small tip each time you order a drink. For the most part, tipping in Indonesia is customary and generally accepted.