The Best Bars in Indonesia

Despite the country’s diverse cultural background, Indonesia has a very active pub scene. Generally speaking, the drinking policy is relaxed throughout the country, except during Ramadan, the Muslim holy month. Indonesian bars are often multifunctional, and serve a variety of clientele, from tourists to locals. While it is rare to find a dedicated alcohol-only bar in Jakarta, most are a mix of restaurant, social center, and Wi-Fi hotspot. As the night wears on, these places become nightclubs.

Many Jakarta bars serve delicious Spanish food, including paella. Their interiors are a sight to behold, and they have a very diverse menu. Located on the 8th floor of Noble House, this bar features Spanish-inspired food and drinks. The bar also has a very extensive wine list, so you won’t go hungry. And because of the country’s reputation for fine dining, Indonesians love to dine at these establishments.

For a more modern nightlife experience, check out the Dragonfly CafĂ©. This entertainment venue, located in the heart of Jakarta, is a must-visit. With a large outdoor and a glass roof, this venue is the perfect place to watch the cityscape. The restaurant’s DJs are among the best in the world, and its contemporary interior is sleek and spacious. While the atmosphere may not be ideal for everyone, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself at this bar.

In addition to being popular among locals, Indonesia has its fair share of sports bars. F1 and soccer are hugely popular, and almost every bar in the country features a massive selection of TVs for viewing these sports. Although there are no American sports broadcasts, many Indonesian bars have soccer, and the broadcast rights are often a mystery. In some regions, such as Bali, it may take up to two to six weeks before your bar is registered and a license issued.