How to Create a Pub

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The most common types of drinks served in a pub include beer and cider, but some pubs also serve wine. The rules for drinking in a pub differ from those of a bar. While pubs are not necessarily more formal than a bar, they offer more extensive menus than bars. Popular British pub food includes fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash, and pastries. The menus are more extensive than those of a bar, so be aware of the atmosphere before you choose where to hang out. Also, remember that pubs and bars are meant to be relaxed, not to be formal. They often offer light snacks and small meals, so choose a pub based on the vibe. Depending on the area, pubs and bars may offer a full restaurant menu.

Although bars are primarily urban places, pubs have expanded to towns and cities. In fact, pubs are more common in urban areas than in rural settings. A pub’s entertainment quotient varies by league, and there are often special events held in pubs throughout the week. Some pubs offer live music and karaoke, as well. You can choose from a wide selection of food and drinks to make your pub an even more popular place for socializing and drinking.