What to Expect From a Pub

Whether you are in town, or on a weekend away, a pub is a great place to socialise. You can meet people, talk about politics and the news, and even try a new drink. In addition to the food and drinks, pubs are known for their bar snacks.

Traditionally, a pub serves beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks. Some of these beverages are on tap, while others are bottled. There are hundreds of different beers available in a pub, and some of them are a little more expensive.

A good pub will have at least 20 different beers on tap. Some of these may be locally produced. Others may be imported.

Some pubs are known for certain genres of music. Some pubs even host quiz nights and sporting events. They are also often the focal point of local communities. They may even show football and rugby on large screens. Some pubs even feature karaoke nights.

Pubs have a history that can be traced back to Anglo-Saxon alehouses. They were first developed as a place to buy beer. In the 17th century, Samuel Pepys called the pub “the heart of England” in his diary.

Drinking is a tradition in Britain. You can get drunk at any age, although if you want to enjoy a lager, you have to be at least 18.

You can also get “draught” beer, which is a beer that is poured from a tap. It’s usually cheaper and tastes better. You can also order a cocktail. Some pubs even serve food during the day and evening.