How to Open a Pub

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Unlike traditional restaurants, pubs are more relaxed establishments. The seating arrangements are not reserved and are intended to send a message, whereas in a restaurant, seating is usually open. You can sit in a booth with a group of friends or choose the best view of the pub TV. Many pubs stay the same for decades. The attraction of a pub is the neighborhood location and the crowd. If you are considering opening your own pub, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

If you’re new to pub culture, don’t be shy to start conversations. The atmosphere is informal, and people often feel comfortable striking up conversations. Be sociable and friendly – even strangers – will be glad to chat. Passing comments about football scores, weather, politics, and so on are great ways to strike up a conversation. Remember that you may get a drink bought for you by a stranger, and you should reciprocate the kindness.